Perfect Gliding Rocking Chair

Cozy Gliding Rocking Chair

Armchairs, poufs or gliding rocking chair become the perfect companions. Discover the best combination depending on the decoration and layout of your living room. The key to succeed is that they go in the same range of tones. In this case, the pink lilac sofa is combined with an armchair of flowers and birds. This motif is also repeated on one of the cushions and on the coffee table to give continuity.

If you have a modular sofa, like the mod. Gliding rocking chair Ikea, you can separate one of the modules and place it in another area of ​​the room to give dynamism. The aquamarine green gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation to this room. And it is not only the protagonist of the sofa and the pouf, of interior furniture, but the rest of the furniture and even the walls.

To achieve a sense of harmony without falling into boredom, choose tones of the same range. In this room, with sofa and armchair has opted for chocolate brown and beige. They are a perfect option for mini spaces, since they occupy less space than a gliding rocking chair. The ones in this room have been coordinated with the red and white tones of the wallpaper.

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