Papasan Rocking Chair, Nice For All Styles

Big Papasan Rocking Chair

The papasan rocking chair, it is a completely recognizable piece and one of the most important classics in the history of design and interior design. It was first presented in 1948 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and since then its fame has continued to grow. The structure of its legs is inspired by the Eiffel Tower and its seat makes it completely recognizable and very comfortable. It is said that it is designed so that the wife of Charles Eames gives the chest to her son, so we stopped to find it in children’s rooms.

Although there are also no arms to get a lighter look … There are rounded, which accommodate the body, and there are more straight (less comfortable but designed to act almost as a sculptural object). We can also find modern papasan rocking chair that imitate the classic format and others that play with more modern forms, such as the hanging rocking chairs that rock from above.

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In short, a whole world of modern papasan rocking chair for all styles, personalities and types of naps! The colors are almost infinite, so we can adapt it to any room and decorative style. Then I leave you with some images to inspire us and want a rocking chair Eames in our house.

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