Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair Made Of Lumber

Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair Ideas

Mid century modern rocking chair match the functionality of a standard chair with the sleek look and smooth movement that only rockers can provide. While there are many different ways to build a rocking chair, using wood can produce a chair that has a simple look and structural integrity to last for many years.

Plans for build mid century modern rocking chair made of lumber, unlike conventional chairs in which users deposit their weight in the center; mid century modern rocking chair have a range of motion that puts the weight in a span of points on the structure of the chair. This means that you cannot simply work out a plan for a wooden rocking chair and expect it to balance properly. Use a carpentry plan, which includes dimensions and mounting recommendations, or take measurements of an existing rocking chair and use them as a template for your own chair.

The most important material in any wooden mid century modern rocking chair is the wood that enters its construction. Pine, ash and cedar are all options for a rocking wood, each with its own granular structure or price point. For wood rocking chairs that will be used outdoors, pressure-treated pine is an affordable option that resists deformation and putrefaction, even in the presence of humidity and temperature variations. The metal and hardware fasteners, along with the wood glue, provide ample support for the wooden elements.

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