Making Rocking Chair Recliner

Modern Rocking Chair Recliner

Rocking chair recliner – Making a seat pad for your rocking chair can add comfort and style to your home. Add a relaxed style to your interior with a soft rocking pillow, or create a thin, elegant pillow for a more modern-looking rocking chair. With some sewing accessories, you can make a chair blanket in matching or free fabric. Make a rocking chair seat and all your guests will want to take a swing in the most comfortable chair in your home.


To make a rocking chair recliner. Measure the width and depth of your rocking chair seat. Fold the pillow in half with straight to the right. Place the folded fabric on your work surface. Mark the fabric width and depth of your chair. Add 2-inches to measurements width and depth for seam allowance. Cut the fabric for the rocking chair blanket. Pin the fabric together, match rough edges. Machine-sew the fabric. Leave an 8-inch opening on the back of the seat pad for padding.

Turn the rocking chair recliner cover right side out. Strikes pillow case flat, leveling the edges of the lid when you iron. Slide foam pad inside cushion cover. Smooth padding plant inside the cover. Fold the fabric of the opening so that raw edges are turned inside the pad. Machine sewing the opening of the pillow closed.

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