Keeping The Cushions Of Contour Lounge Chair

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Contour Lounge Chair – Cushions make more comfortable chairs. However, over time, a cushion can wear out, which can cause it to slide through the chair. Or the cushion can be covered with a slippery material, which makes it difficult for the shock absorber to remain in place. Set the pads so that you can sit comfortably in your chairs.

Place Velcro strips on the contour lounge chair and cushion. Attach the Velcro hooks or the “male” sides of the tape to the chair and apply the “female” sides or loops on the bottom of the pad. Make sure the strips are placed so that they match up when the cushion is placed on the chair. Press the pad over the chair to hook the Velcro strips.

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Cut a piece of rubber shelf or liner drawer for the size of the cushion. Place the lining on the contour lounge chair and fix the cushion on top. The rubber lining will grip the surface of the chair and keep the cushion in place. Fit the cushions for the chairs with carpet tape. This vinyl tape is two faces. Cut strips and apply them on the bottom of the chair on the contour of the cushion. Fix the cushion on the tape and press down to adhere to the surface of the chair. Carpet tape will not cause damage to the chair and will keep the cushions firmly in place.

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