Best Cushion For Rocking Chair Ideas

Beautiful Cushion For Rocking Chair

Cushion for rocking chair – If the cushion in your rocking chair is becoming flat and worn, you can choose to buy a replacement mattress or upholster the current one. Making your own mattress will save you money and is enough to not require simple extended sewing experience. By making a new box from the pillow fabric, you can reuse the old cushion padding and add extra if you need to create a product that is as good as new.

Cushion for rocking chair, place the old rocking mattress on a flat surface on a sheet of brown paper. Draw the shape of the cushion on the paper with a marker, so outline it a 1/2 inch away from the edge of the cushion to make room for the seams. Cut out the cushion pattern with a pair of scissors. Use a seam extractor to rip the old mattress and take all the filling. Put the padding aside for later and dispose of the old mattress case.

Double over the fabric of your choice you want to reupholster the cushion for rocking chair with. Make sure that the decorative sides face each other inside. Attach the paper pattern to the duplicate fabric in the use of sewing pins. Cut the shape of the double cloth, and remove the stitching pins and the pattern. Pin the two pieces of cloth around the edges with the sewing pins. Link the fabric together by stitching the outer perimeter of the cushion housing, about 1/2 inch from the edge, using a needle and thread or loaded sewing machine.

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